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Earth Green Eco Insulation Foam Board

EarthGreen eco Inorganic insulation foam board contains a high proportion of recycled materials that feature low thermal conductivity and high refractoriness. It is able to increase the thermal and fireproof performance when used in building envelope. In addition, its porosity can consolidate with cement mortar tightly, which can be applied by means of the traditional smear technique that similar to traditional masonry work without the need of highly skilled workers. Paints, washed granitoid, or tiles can be applied as surface finish, making it suitable for exterior wall renovations.

In addition to be used for insulation of exterior walls and roofs, the product can be used as interior partition walls. It is suitable for any purpose that requires heat insulation and fire-retardant, such as the packing material for fireproof partitions and doors.

Advantages of Inorganic Material

Inorganic non-metal material is a solid material with strong integrity. Its physical and chemical stability allows it to resist aging and weathering and offer superior durability. Inorganic material is less sensitive to acid-base reactions and has excellent acid and alkali resistance. It is able to withstand high temperatures, a quality that makes it an excellent fire-resistant material and differentiate it from organic polymer material, which causes environmental issues and releases toxic gas upon burning. For example, materials such as PU, XPS and EPS foams are organic polymer classified as Class B combustible materials.

The composition of the inorganic non-metal material is very tight and possesses good ability to resist water penetration and offering comprehensive waterproof performance. Also, inorganic non-metal material offers long-term durability thanks to its strong resistance to damages created by pests and mice.

Material Features
Thermal Conductivity (K)  0.08w/m.k
Fire Rating 1 hour(thickness 6.3cm)
2 hours(thickness 9.2cm) (CNS12514)
Flammability Compliance with the method of test for flammable material—CNS14705
Soundproof(RW) 45db(CNS8465)
Formaldehyde Emission ND(CNS1349)
Moisture Content 14.3%(CNS3802)
Toxicity and radioactivity test complies with the green materials standard
Asbestos ND(CNS13970)
Tile pull-out test of exterior walls >10kg / cm2
Density 200kg/m3(materials for external wall insulation)
300kg/m3;500kg / m3(material for walls)
Drywall 6.3cm x 40cm x 60cm
9.2cm x 40cm x 60cm
Insulation board for exterior wall 3.0cm x 30cm x 40cm
Metal insulation board for roof 4.7cm x 30cm x 40cm
Insulation board for flat roof 5.0cm x 30cm x 40cm
Lightweight blocks 10cm x 40cm x 60cm
12.5cm x 40cm x 60cm
15cm x 40cm x 60cm
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